Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Budget Chair appreciates "conservative leanings"

Budget Committee Chairman Mike Ecke supports the newly appointed Councilman, Sheldon Dill, because of how the budget will benefit from his "conservative leanings:"

If school funding is cut by $2,000,000 (5,000 kids x $400/kid)... will our "conservative" Budget Chair actually cut spending... or will he be looking to simply pass along a huge tax increase?

Regardless, I'm confident that Budget Committee member Tom Ruocco's fiscally conservative voice will be heard.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

A tax increase in an election year??
That won't go over too well.
Thye better be very conservative this year. We are all in a pinch and can't afford a tax increase.

tim white said...

We are all in a pinch and can't afford a tax increase.

But it's all "free" money, right?

Anonymous said...

Ecke keeps saying that he hopes the public comes to the budget meetings. Yet last year when the public spoke before the council, with the majority of them requesting the "lower" increase, the council (including Ecke) went ahead and voted for the "higher" increase.
And he wonders why people don't bother showing up!

Anonymous said...

I believe you will see more people show up at these meetings to voice their opinions and I hope that this year they will listen. If they don't listen, November is just around the corner. New people with some fresh ideas will be the answer.