Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rangel makes case for GOP Congress

The NYTimes' David Kocieniewski has been dogging Congressman Charlie Rangel for at least a month now. The question?

Did Rangel pull a Blagojevich and engage in a quid pro quo in which the House Ways and Means Chairman dished out a tax benefit as a result of a $1,000,000 donation to one of Charlie's favorite charities? (Similar to good ole' Dick Murtha).

I think Kocieniewski does a great job of cutting through the smoke'n'mirrors of the double-talk found all too often in elected officials - they say one thing in public, but their private efforts are quite different.

The next election is still two years away. And at this point, I see no reason for America to elect Republicans to office. But if Speaker Pelosi and soon-to-be-President Obama turn a blind eye to their party's "indiscretions" for the next two years, the GOP may have an easy time becoming a credible alternative... I'm still doubtful on that one though... at least with the GOP Senators that seems more hungup on bemoaning unions than dealing with America's underlying problems - irresponsible fiscal policy and negligient monetary policy.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

putting in Republicans would at least keep the Democrats from getting as sleazy and lazy as the Republicans were after 12 years in '06....let's flip Congress every 4-6 years to keep 'em honest

Anonymous said...

Are you not a R??

tim white said...

Yeah. But I'd vote for Feingold over Stevens anyday.

Good, clean gov't is more important than any party. I'm tired of all these wo/men who have been in DC for so long, they feel they're entitled to act with impunity.