Tuesday, December 23, 2008

President Bush ignores the Constitution, bails out Detroit

From George Will via TownHall.com:

A new Capitol Visitor Center recently opened, just in time for the transformation of the Capitol building into a tomb for the antiquated idea that the legislative branch matters. The center is supposed to enhance the experience of visitors to Congress, although why there are visitors is a mystery.

Congress' marginalization was brutally underscored when, after Congress did not authorize $14 billion for General Motors and Chrysler, the executive branch said, in effect: Congress' opinions are mildly interesting, so we will listen very nicely -- then go out and do precisely what we want.

I wonder - what would be the reaction from GOP Senators if Dennis Kucinich reintroduced his Articles of Impeachment?

But seriously, President Bush is out of control. Just because he's President, doesn't mean he can ignore the rule of Law, the Constitution and process - three things in which neither President Bush nor Vice President Cheney seemingly have any interest beyond mild amusement. But what can one expect after six years of a Republican Rubber Stamp Congress and two years of... well, I'm not sure what Nancy & Harry did in the past two years except repeatedly anger their own party and help Bush's money men destroy the economy.

I recommend the whole piece by Will. I thought it was a great read.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I have the perfect solution to this whole issue.
Let the Yankees bail them out. They seem to have all the money.
Almost a half billion on 3 players so far, imagine what they can do for the car industry.

tim white said...

oh man... I didn't even think of that... they did just three players for over $150m each!

But maybe it'll be "cheap money" soon... after Bernanke triples the money supply and hyperinflation kicks in.

Anonymous said...

actually IF you are creditworthy now is the time to get into hock---long rates are the lowest the've been in a lifetime

tim white said...

Yeah... that was the point I didn't make very well... as inflation kicks in, money will become "cheap." And over the course of five to 30 years, when prices on everything jumps up... you'll still have that low monthly dollar cost locked in on your car / house / etc.

But of course it doesn't matter how cheap the money gets... you'll still need to have some money (i.e. a job) to pay those monthly bills.

tim white said...

well, different point actually. But related.

Anonymous said...

Let all the US auto companies go belly up along with their suppliers.

We don't need any manufacturing jobs, China can manufacture anything we need. Everyone can become a teacher, work for a government agency, work in retail or for a casino. No one should work more than 180 days a year and everyone should get at least 4.4% annual increases, plus promotions and cost of living adjustments.

Can't wait to buy one of those Chinese cars.