Monday, December 15, 2008

CT Dems heart-ing Lieberman? Not Cheshire.

The Courant's Mark Pazniokas on the CT Democratic party's relationship with their estranged uncle and the call to censure him:

Words like "censure" are certain to disappear. So is any suggestion that Lieberman end his affiliation as a registered Democratic voter in Connecticut.


"An expression of disappointment, an expression of disapproval," Blondin said. "And let it go at that."

In September, the state party invited Democratic town committees to say if Lieberman should be rebuked. Only about a dozen of 169 have replied.

By Blondin's count, Lieberman resolutions have passed in Beacon Falls, Bethel, Cheshire, Danbury, East Haven, Glastonbury, Greenwich, Kent, Milford, New Britain, Shelton, Wallingford and Windsor.

Interesting to see Cheshire make the list. I always figured Cheshire was home to one of the more activist Nutmeg DTCs. I think this censure (or whatever it was called) is indicative of their level of activism.

Btw, did this "censure" ever make any of the local press? I don't recall seeing anything.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

I love how the dems want "censure" Lieberman, or whatever they want to call it.
This is the same deomocratic party that backed turned their backs on him while the republicans and independants voted him in.
They are a bunch of cry babies.