Monday, December 15, 2008

A call for a noise ordinance

From the MRJs Jesse Buchanan is reporting that some town residents want a noise ordinance:

Paul and Lisa Marasco have lived in their St. Joseph Street home for about three years, but they said the nightly noise from Napoli Foods trucks down their road has been an irritation since the food distributor opened in February...

While state officials explain the nuance of the rules:

According to DEP spokeswoman Cyndy Chanaca, movable sources of noise are exempt from the department's noise pollution regulations...

And some residents are ok with the existing situation:

Bob Pelegano lives the closest to the Napoli property but is not in favor of a sound wall, saying it would block air and sunlight and would be unsightly. Pelegano doesn't enjoy the noise generated by the trucks, but said Napoli has made several changes to their property in response to his requests.

Tim White

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