Monday, December 29, 2008

WRA on CCMs wish list for Obama

The WRA offers some less-than-rave-reviews of the wish list given to Obama Claus by CCM:

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, too, has gone hog-wild. It has more than 1,300 projects worth $2.1 billion that 94 of its members have declared "shovel ready." Among them: $3.5 million for artificial turf and $350,000 for trolley buses in East Lyme; $225,000 for a skate park in Fairfield; $300,000 for two solar panels for Glastonbury; $200,000 for LCD projectors for New Fairfield schools; and $5 million for an indoor shooting range in New Haven.

Also, $225,000 for the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Art Center in Old Saybrook; and $80,000 for a bandstand in Plainville; $13 million for a pool and community center for Putnam; $1 million to fix docks in Sherman; $1.5 million for "streetscape and traffic calming" in Rocky Hill; $15 million for turf replacement, $4 million for a "fuel cell absorption chiller" and $48,000 for foreign-language lessons for police officers in Stamford; $5,000 for a fire hydrant in Vernon; $8,800 to repoint bricks at Washington's police station; $450,000 for softball and cricket fields and tennis courts in Waterbury; $800,000 for "beach nourishment" in West Haven; $200,000 for a "golf halfway house" in Westport; and $4.9 million to replace solar panels and pay "residual expenses" in Windham.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

" $15 million for turf replacement"

Turf really is shovel ready. Think of the millions to be wasted on this crap. People are going without food, healthcare and the bare essentials. People are losing thier homes, and families are falling apart and Alteri thinks about artificial turf. He is really out of touch and if he worked in the private sector, he would be damn worried about his job.