Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sen. Williams fulfills promise of retaliation for Sen. Hartley's support of good government

In December 2007, the Courant's Kevin Rennie exposed one of Hartford's secret affairs. And no, I'm not talking directly about Sen. Gaffey's girlfriend / lobbyist who successfully lobbied him for $1 billion. Nope. I'm talking about Senate Minority Leader Don Williams and his threats of retaliation against Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury) for demanding accountability in Tom Gaffey's $1 billion bonding package for the CT State University system.

Fast forward to December 2008 and the web is abuzz with word that Don Williams has fulfilled his threats and meted out consequences on Senator Hartley. Ironman and Genghis Conn are also discussing it.

For the good of the state, I hope Don Williams loses his next election. He's bad news. For her part, I like Joan Hartley. Back in September I called the US Senate Banking Committee to voice my opposition to the $700 billion bailout and got her son on the line. He was extremely helpful and candid with me... just another reason to like her... and see Williams for what he is... a bully who has been around too long.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim: I applaud you for voicing your opninion about bullies pushing their poltical muscle around this state to achieve their ends. It has been going on too long and it's destructive effects per capita are easily seen in comparitive studies of CT vs other states.

However, it is time to stand up to the bullies right here in Town that are responsible for many the issues confronting us today. Think about your "top failures of Cheshire" this year and where they lead back to. You are in a position to make a difference.

tim white said...

I'm trying. But you also need five votes.

Anonymous said...

I think you can get those votes if the Council memebers zone in on the root of our problems and less on the fringe parts of the issues. It is difficult to get into without being edited or removed because you can't name names on this blog. I and apparently most commentators (like Anon. #1 above)know who we're talking about. Forget trying to nail the TM or the opposition when an issue comes up. Fix the problem, make that part of it very public, and you will get the votes, or the other side will find themselves removed. That's where it's at.