Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rules for commenting

In an effort to clarify what's appropriate vs. inappropriate commenting here, I've gotten permission from Genghis Conn over at CT Local Politics to cross post his commenting rules. I hope we can try to abide by these rules. I know some of you like to vent... and that's not necessarily bad, but perhaps I'll be looser with the rules... if you include your name.

1. No insulting or belittling other posters.

2. Please make every effort to be courteous, civil and understanding.

3. Criticism of groups, parties, causes or other people is fine–insulting, belittling or otherwise maliciously maligning them is not.

4. No posting entire articles. Credited passages along with a link are fine, but full articles are a copyright violation.

5. No going around starting fights for fun (trolling).

6. No libelous statements. Public figures can be attacked and criticized–but only up to a point. No personal stuff, folks. Keep it political.

7. No racist, homophobic or sexist remarks. Obviously.

I'm hoping this will discourage some of the more outrageous remarks, but we'll see how this goes.

Tim White

1 comment:

Chipmaker said...

Except for #4, I've seen (really) a highly condensed version of the other behavior guidelines, which read, in full:

"Don't be an asshole."

Crude, but spot-on. Probably works better (as written) in a baseball-intensive forum than in a politically-oriented one, though. Just something to consider.