Monday, December 15, 2008

Turmelle on Florio's "to do" list

From the NHRs Luther Turmelle:

Superintendent Greg Florio will be a busy man this holiday season, looking to fill three top-level administrative positions in addition to preparing the district’s 2009-2010 budget.

Florio said he hopes to have a potential successor to Cheshire High School Principal Judith Gallagher to recommend to the Board of Education by mid-March. He also has to find two people to fill the two positions — director of pupil personnel and assistant superintendent for administrative services — currently held by Paul Calaluce Jr.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Why two people to replace one Paul C.? If two, will the salary be cut in half for each since they will be doing half of what Paul did?

Anonymous said...

No, it will cost more although it looks like neither position is at the Asst. Superintenedent level which means neither will make as much as Calaluce makes now.

Let's not forget that Paul C. is also the principal of Humiston School so make it three roles he fulfills. You will never find someone with that combination of skills. Every other similar size district has AT LEAST 2 people (Pupil Personnel and Business Mgr.) filling those roles.

Once again, CPS is doing it cheaper and better than any other district of its size or socio-economic status. These are the kind of things that give us one of the lowest rates of per pupil spending in the state while still being one of the highest achieving.

You can thank him for what he has been saving the district since Florio became superintendent. He is at 29 Main St.