Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fed & Treasury both oppose transparency

While Bloomberg News is using FOI to chase Ben Bernanke for counterfeiting printing money and not letting anyone know the recipients of his counterfeit cash monopoly money... I now see that the Fox Business Network has come to a similar conclusion with Hank Paulson's Treasury Department... demanding answers under the Freedom of Information Act is the only way to get answers:

The initial request, filed on November 25, sought actual data on the use of the bailout funds for American International Group and the Bank of New York Mellon, and an additional request, filed on December 1, sought similar data on the bailout funds for Citigroup, Inc. FBN is asking for the Treasury Department to identify, among other issues, the troubled assets purchased, any collateral extended, and any restrictions placed on these financial institutions for their participation in this program.

Kevin Magee, Executive Vice President, FOX News commented, “The Treasury has repeatedly ignored our requests for information on how the government is allocating money to these troubled institutions. In a critical time like this amidst mounting corruptions and an economic crisis, we as a news organization feel it’s more important than ever to hold the government accountable.”

Bernanke / Paulson / Geithner all make me sick. They must believe that they are above the law. Of course, that's not the case. But their bosses - Bush & Obama - obviously haven't told them to step up to the plate and do the right thing. And that makes them equally culpable in my opinion.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

All our "representatives" to DC-Dodd, Lieberman and Murphy-- voted for this.

In fact , Dodd was the prime architect.

This is what they wanted and what they got.

tim white said...

I agree. It's just that writing out the whole list gets tiresome.

Here in CT though we did have Joe Courtney oppose the bailout - both times.

I have a major problem with Dodd on this because he (and Barney) were the prime architects.