Sunday, December 21, 2008

CTs online news

Over at UTH, I noticed that the NHR is closing their hometown area weeklies, including the Hamden Chronicle, Wallingford Voice and North Haven Post... papers I've read infrequently. These closings were being reported by one of CTs online newspapers The New Haven Independent. Thankfully we've got these new online papers to do some low-cost, hard-hitting reporting. Without them, CT journalism would be in even more trouble.

But for more evidence that our online resources are for real, Christine Stuart at CTNewsJunkie got picked up by the NYTimes for her piece on CT Dems chastising Lieberman.

And even further evidence of the need for citizen journalism was explained in a Delaware court ruling on anonymous blogging:

In a decision hailed by free-speech advocates, the Delaware Supreme Court on Wednesday reversed a lower court decision requiring an Internet service provider to disclose the identity of an anonymous blogger who targeted a local elected official...

"Because the trial judge applied a standard insufficiently protective of Doe's First Amendment right to speak anonymously, we reverse that judgment," Chief Justice Myron Steele wrote.

Steele described the Internet as a "unique democratizing medium unlike anything that has come before," and said anonymous speech in blogs and chat rooms in some instances can become the modern equivalent of political pamphleteering.
(AP, by Randall Chase)

That's right. I think the Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice just equated you to Thomas Paine and your comments to Common Sense.

Times are tough. But that doesn't mean you should stop being vigilant.

Tim White

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