Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NHR puts LTTEs online

Probably seeing the writing on the wall... the NHR is moving to avoid a going out of business sale and is really entering cyberspace. They've added LTTEs to their website!

Here is one from Cheshire resident Phil Coppeto on the recent teachers' contract:

The Cheshire Town Council has approved a new teachers contract that awards a 4.4 percent salary increase each year for three years. The vote was 5-4 along party lines, Republicans against...

With the upcoming revaluation, the prospect of people losing their jobs and some possibly their homes, the Town Council would be wise to consider serving the taxpayers, not special interests. The economic situation is not expected to improve anytime soon. Will the taxpayers be able to absorb the future tax increases?

I'm always happy to see more free online content... and let the advertisers cover the NHRs sales revenue. I don't mind.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Time for the 3 R's

Reducing Spending
Returning raises