Thursday, December 11, 2008

West Hartford teachers' union contract

Cheshire's recent teachers' union contract has gotten some recognition as a three year contract with a 4.4% raise for each of three years. However, I find it useful to break that down into two parts (of varying names):

Year 1: 1.65%
Year 2: 2.45%
Year 3: 2.65%


Year 1: 2.80%
Year 2: 1.95%
Year 3: 1.75%

And now the Courant is reporting:

Avoiding arbitration, the teachers' union and school board have agreed to a two-year contract that would raise wages by 1 percent and 1.25 percent in the first and second years of the agreement. Teachers also would pay slightly more for their health care premiums and would work one less day each year over the next two school years.

So West Hartford's 1 and 1.25 should be compared to one of the two Cheshire numbers. But either way, I'd take the West Hartford numbers. And even Councilman Altieri suggested the Cheshire contract was richer than he expected. But don't worry... the Rubber Stampers assured us that going to arbitration would have likely been a waste of money.

So let's see... the financial software, Norton boiler, the Lilac Drive pump station... with absolutely no consequences for anyone (except the taxpayers)... and our Council majority has the audacity to voice concern about costs?

The Courant continues:

The pay raises are the lowest for the teachers' union in recent memory, and school board Chairman Terry Schmitt called it "a harbinger of the things to come, of what's going to be happening in town after town." (By VANESSA DE LA TORRE and JOSH KOVNER)

Talk about sticking your head in the sand.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Looks like the teachers union, the school board and the Dems on the Town Council really stuck it to the Cheshire taxpayers.

These people are totally out of touch with reality. You don't have to look at Detroit for outrageous
employee costs, we got them right here.

Anonymous said...

At least the Herald got it right by saying that things like artificial turf are not necessary. It's a "want" not a "need".
Tell your town council you don't want it!

Anonymous said...

How can a retired teacher and a current teacher vote on this contract? Why not abstain?

Anonymous said...

What is SOS Florio going to say about "supporting our teachers' when the economy makes him issue layoff notices?

It's time for some reality based decisions, something our political "leaders" aren't providing on the local, state or federal level