Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cheshire shoplifting on the rise; CPD stays busy

From the MRJs Jason Vallee:

"We started to see a spike in October, especially with kids, and it's continued with all ages through the holiday season," said Cheshire Lt. Kerry Deegan...

(Southington Sgt. Lowell) DePalma and Deegan both said similar shoplifting behavior has been reported in Southington and Cheshire...

"Stores have started to react to increases in certain thefts and we have worked with several businesses to help make adjustments," Deegan said.

And from Southington:

As the economy continues to struggle and companies look for alternative ways to prevent financial losses, DePalma said he expects local departments will continue to receive a steady number of complaints.

"Companies are doing anything they can to prevent losses and stay in business," he said. "Our job as police is to work with these companies and arrest those who are knowingly breaking the law."

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

If there was ever an area of the Cheshire budget that should be increased it is for the police department.

This comment is based on the fact that crime will increase as the recession/depression/greater depression worsens.

I believe that this area will illumiate how our Town Council plans versus reacts.

Best Regards,

Mike Ulicki