Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Murphy wants healthcare reform

From the MRJs Amanda Falcone:

With a new president set to take office next month and a new committee assignment for himself, U.S. Rep. Christopher S. Murphy, D-5th, hopes that 2009 will be the year that Congress changes the country's healthcare system.

I'm pretty sure that Congressman Murphy wants universal healthcare or, probably single-payer... with the government being the single payer.

Regardless of what happens with UHC, I hope President-elect Obama doesn't drink much more of Krugman's Kool-aid and returns to his campaign platform of fiscally responsible balanced budgets. I really don't see how printing more money will benefit the economy in the long-run.

As Dr. Ron Paul likes to say... for The Fed to print more money to fix our problems is like giving a drug addict another injection to fix his problem. It doesn't work.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Murphy first voted to throw our money at the bankers.

Now he wants to throw our money at the doctors and hospitals.

Tim, why is it you don't see this hack will throw our money at any cause that he thinks will buy him support?

Chris Murphy= Chris Dodd without the seniority

tim white said...

As a freshman Congressman, I pretty much figured he had little impact. That's just a reality of Washington.

Dodd on the other hand has a huge impact because in Washington, experience = years, not knowledge. So while Dodd apparently knows little about the industry (banking / finance) that he polices, he still has a ton of influence.

But about Chris Murphy, he's no longer a freshman. So I'll start to pay attention more.

tim white said...

As for UHC, I don't see how it'll work... let alone how we can afford it - America is already broke and I fear the horse is already out of the stable. Also my gut reaction is to take the approach of Ron Paul, M.D.

But I'm a stereotypical Republican... I can't talk healthcare all that well. So I'd rather remain quiet until I begin to understand the big picture, along with the nuance.

Anonymous said...

Milt Friedman said you cannot have open borders and a welfare state at the same time.

The Democrats find this choice politically incorrect, so they will pretend Milt wasn't the greatest economist of the 20th Century.

I dunn what America exports these days but with UHC we will be importing millions of sick people.

The irony is union members who bargained for good health care will see their bosses sell them down the river for this faisco since quality will go down the toilet to accomodate quantity---think the UK's NHS.

Why is it we are going to import every socialist policy that failed in the UK? Hey, you gotta a Jones for the limeys go listen to some old Who records or watch some Olivier movies, will ya?

tim white said...


Anonymous said...

He does not understand the word "REFORM" He is part of the problem.

Angelina said...

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Anonymous said...

Chris Murphy's support of universal health care shows he is truly a left winger. He already has the very best health care and he gets it for free, so what's his problem?

I'm sick and tired of paying for someone else's health care. We provide health care for all the state, local and federal employees, including Chris's, the very low income and all the old people through Medicare. Too many companies provide health care and every time we buy any product or service, part of the cost is for someone else's health care.

To be fair to all the people that don't have any health care, we should simply pass a law that everyone has to care for themselves and their families, and if they can't do that, they will just have to suffer the consequences. If they get sick, they can sell their assets and when that money is gone, they should just stop complaining about their awful lives.

Imagine how much lower our taxes could be and how much cheaper our goods and services would be if we didn't have to pay for all these people's health care.

I don't see anything in the bible about health care.