Monday, December 01, 2008

State deficit growing

It was only one or two weeks ago that the state was projecting a $400,000,000 deficit* for the current budget. Today the Courant opines on our LackLuster Legislature:

Projected state budget deficits of nearly $700 million this fiscal year and billions in the outlying two years seem not to impress members of the General Assembly.

But don't worry folks... there's nothing to see here... just move along.

Anyone care to place a bet on an over / under for hitting the $1 billion mark for the current year deficit? How 'bout we start with December 31?

Tim White

* Noting that the Office of the Governor (Rell) and the Office of the Comptroller (Wyman) use different methods for calculating mid-year surpluses / deficits, I think it's fair to say that the current year's deficit is growing, not shrinking.

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Anonymous said...

How logical is it for Amann to give out over a half million for a turf field while the State deficit continually grows? Nothing will change unless someone gets rid of these "discretionary" funds that are wasted on unnecessary projects. He was stupid to hand it out and we're stupid if we go ahead with the field.

If we use this money on a field, I hope the State cuts the ECS money to Cheshire by the same amount. Maybe then when the boe complains about not getting enough ECS funding they'll see what a waste the turf field is.

When they can't get all the smart boards they want or books, etc they can look to their turf field to see where the money went.

So what's more important - athletics or academics? Take a wild guess.