Thursday, December 04, 2008

America's outsourcing of professional jobs

I recently had a doctor's appointment and while chatting my doctor, he asked me if I still spoke Vietnamese. My answer was "noi duoc" (yes). But with the Billionaire Bankers and Jobs' Bank Bailout on my mind... along with the global economic meltdown, I mentioned another aspect of Vina-American relations:

the shifting of jobs from the developed world (incl. America) to the developing world (incl. Vietnam)

I commented that the livable-wage, blue-collar, manufacturing jobs began leaving US shores in large numbers a couple decades ago. And now, many are gone.

I then commented that the borderline-livable-wage, white collar, office jobs began leaving US shores in large numbers several years ago. And now many are gone. And furthermore, while much of the best medical training still occurs in the US... much of the routine surgery that Americans get is now done overseas where the medical fees are lower.

My doctor then pointed out to me that it's not just routine surgeries that Americans are getting done overseas. He said that hospitals are now hiring overseas radiologists (M.D.s) to review x-rays overseas in an effort to reduce costs.

The outsourcing of well-paid, professional American jobs seems to have just begun. No doubt there'll be overseas CPAs, JDs and PEs soon joining those MDs.

Talk about "spreading the wealth." The long slide has just begun.

Tim White

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