Saturday, April 19, 2008

Turf stories

I got a couple of turf stories emailed to me today. Here's a blog post by Progressive Kid. And here's a really interesting story on the feds investigating the health risks of turf... though based on this article, the concern seems to be with astroturf... not Matt Altieri's beloved FieldTurf.

Would be interesting though to see what the Dynamic Duo (Altieri & Fritz) would do if the Federal Government put the kabash on new turf fields.

Although Jim "Crusher" Amann can obviously get anything approved by his Rubberstamping State Bonding Commission... even such an important Slush Fund owner as Speaker Amann may have problems pushing the Altieri/Fritz


thru to completion.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

More turf stories - go to -

Anonymous said...

Has anyone talked to any of the residents on Elmwood Drive about what they think of a turf field and possibly having 200 events/year on it? Glad I don't live over there.

Are there any wells on Elmwood Drive that would get contaminated from the runoff?

How will the AD handle coordinating 200 events? Maybe the BOE will increase their budget for an additional assistant AD or two.

Anonymous said...

For some interesting turf facts go to the Environment & Human Health, Inc. website.

Anonymous said...

Wether you are "for" or "against" the new mall, the Market may ultimately decide if this thing gets built or not.
An absolute must read:

Anonymous said...

Get real, they are just saying 200 uses. There is no way the AD will allow that. If he did, it wouldn't last the 15 years like the AD says.
It is just for the football team.

Anonymous said...

Uconn turf field at Storrs to be replaced because it requires watering for traction etc. I wonder why it needs watering? The Uconn campus has a water shortage problem and the new one will require "less water". So much for ours field requiring less maintenance etc. Someone should call Uconn.

Anonymous said...

One HS in Enfield will no longer allow graduation to take place on their turf field. (Hartford Courant--about 1-2 weeks ago)--no chairs allowed on the turf.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think they will allow Relay for Life to set up there too if the turf is put down? I bet not!