Sunday, April 06, 2008

Council agenda 4/8

Here's the agenda's old and new business for this Tuesday's meeting:Tim White


Anonymous said...

What is item E? Is it a misprint?

Tim White said...

No. It's on there... though after years of doing nothing (except wasting time and money)... I do have some doubts about the seriousness of the "paralyzed" majority.

Perhaps it comes down to when the TM directs the Council to act?

Anonymous said...

Well I don't believe the public will buy another year of $435,000 +++ to heat the air over Cheshire. Other items will become more important.

Anonymous said...

Sounded to me from a previous meeting that the dem majority wanted to form some pool committee. Sounds like that may waste even more time by the time they get around to reporting back to the council.
Why not just direct, yes I said direct, the town manager to get quotes, rfp's or whatever you want to call them, from 3 or more companies for what the various other permanent structures would cost.
The council needs to stop spinning its wheels and do something.

Anonymous said...

Well, lets see how long the discussion on E will last.

Lets not let the software screw up slide by though. Someone needs to answer questions on how we can buy software and find out a year later that it isn't working the way they thought. Perhaps that's why the Dems like to spend all this money on strategic plans and consultants before they make a move. It's too bad they didn't do it when they were looking into the software.
We deserve an answer though.