Monday, April 14, 2008

Bubble Study Group could act fast, but won't

While the Council decided to continue dillydallying with another Bubble Study (BS) Group, and

While the Energy Commission continues to make real progress by not only making unofficial Requests for Information, but by receiving information because of the requests!...

I also continue to get new information about bubble alternatives.

Just today I got an unsolicited email from a David Lawrence of Signature Structures. He offered this in his email:

We manufacture structures similar in nature to Sprung that are designed to meet the new stringent Energy Efficiency Code as well as truly meet all loading requirements without the use of snowshed or aerodynamic theory. Since it’s a municipal project there must be an RFP out there for this project. (my link)

So there are people / organizations out there who clearly have an understanding of pool-specific structures and their particular requirements. Too bad Cheshire continues to stick its head in the sand with another BS Group that, even if they ever do anything, will certainly waste time and energy with another winter heating season that will come and go.

I hope I don't hear any of The Rubberstampers talk about their concern with global warming and fossil fuel consumption!

But who knows... maybe someday we'll get past the Council's self-induced paralysis:and take action.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

This would be a good place for E Esty to take charge and show us what she has to offer as a state rep...if she doesn't make an attempt to steer the turf funds towards the pool...then you know she is full of it...I hope she does the right thing..i voted for her several times

Anonymous said...

The Democrat Rubber Stampers

Do they sign a contract, before they are allowed to run, that they will always use their "Appoved" rubber stamp whenever they are told.

Does Dipietro run things kind of like Tammany Hall? It doesn't seem that the Democratic majority cares what the public thinks. They certainly are not serving the public. They just do what they are told?

Anonymous said...

It is not fair to blame Dipietro, he has no control over the Dem party in Town. He may be the Chairman but in name only. The control people are Hall and Ecke. Ernie tries but has no support.

Anonymous said...

"the control people are Hall and Ecke".
I hope your wrong?
If your'e right we need to change it. They have cost us large amounts of money every year that they have been the majority. They also are responsible for the lack of citizen participation in attending meetings and at the polls.

Anonymous said...

"I vote for her several times". I believe she has run only twice for Town Council.

Anonymous said...

I am not wrong

Anonymous said...

What other offices are you couting?

tim white said...

Q: (The Rubber Stampers) just do what they are told?

A: Click here!

tim white said...

from last year's creation of a public relations position

to the fund balance policy (that costs $90k/yr and saves $20k/yr)

to the support of extending the linear trail over alleviating Rte 10 traffic

to the continuation of the $34k "seminar & conference" (travel & entertainment) budget...

The Rubber Stampers do as they are told.

tim white said...

Q: (The Rubber Stampers) just do what they are told?

A: TWL reports, you decide.

These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like a Cheshire Tammany Hall. The real decisions are made outside of the public meetings.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the age of "hope and audacity"

a) Public relations is more important than public policy
b) Partisan political hacks hide themselves in psychobabble, expensive suits, and elitist college degrees
c)Voters are promised improvements, but nothing gets done except to advance one party's agenda, whether voters want it or not.
d) the press implies anyone who questions the new yuppie pols is somehow anancronistic. Supporters of the yuppie pols call opponents bitter "cavemen".
e) Lots of expensive "consultants" get hired, but the same old political patronage goes on in addition to the new layer of expenses
f)After awhile, the public is left wondering why it ousted the old politicians, since the new ones did nothing about the most pressing problems the community faces

Yep, E. Esty could opine on this ...since this is MA in the Dukakis and Duval Patrick eras...and one her friends are emulating here in Cheshire

Anonymous said...

Not couting for any office, see that is the problem here. Everyone is thinking along a political line and agenda. Everyone thinks what is best for their political party first, not what is best for the town.

Bailey Rory said...

I think you're right. There are several organizations out there that understand how a pool enclosure should be manufactured and installed.