Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Altieri on number of grievances

Following the March 11 Council meeting at which I asked the Personnel Committee Chairman, Matt Altieri, for a report of "grievances by department" for each of the past five years... I sent him an email yesterday. I was wondering if he'd have the report prepared for today's Council meeting. I appreciated his quick response. But unfortunately... nothing yet. Nonetheless, he said he will be taking up the issue at a Personnel Committee meeting scheduled for later this month.

Tim White
Town Council, 4th District


Anonymous said...

So you asked him a question nearly a month ago and he couldn't pick up the phone and call to request a list. Face it, he doesn't want you to have a specific list. God forbid it tarnish our image.

tim white said...

These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.

- Obi-Wan Kenobi

Anonymous said...

You might get it by next election.

Tim White said...

I got an email today from Matt Altieri. He said that the TM is working on the report.

I have no idea why it takes so long. From my perspective, a request of the Personnel Committee would be fulfilled by the Personnel Director who (I presume) has nothing to do with the budget... but then I have no idea what the responsibilities of the Personnel Director are.... I mean, just last night Patti Lynn Ryan mentioned that she has "only one" HR person... and according to the budget... it's not the Personnel Director.

Frankly, I'm wondering what the responsibilities are for the Personnel Director position.

I wonder if we need that position? In tight financial times, we may be able to live without it in next year's budget.

Although... as we all know, the Council only makes decisions when directed to do so by the TM.

Anonymous said...

I must say it is nice that we don't have to read all those silly poems written by that guy who works in the Wallingford Public Schools. As soon as Tim pointed out where they were coming from, they stopped.

tim white said...

9:09 What I appreciate about this blog is... I can use this blog to point out the absurdity of some comments I hear during Council meetings... and often, those comments will never again be made...

for instance, during last night's discussion on the pool... we didn't have to listen to the absolutely false statement that "we only get one chance to do this right." Because as I've pointed out on this blog... that's only true if you're thinking in terms of the next election.

So while some will say that I do things "last minute," I say that I offer up quite a bit of information on this blog and never even mention it at a Council meeting... which certainly gets a lot more viewers than this blog.

Which reminds me... I'm getting tired of hearing comments about how I bring things up last minute during meetings... I think I may need to do a special post about my perspective on that.

Anonymous said...

If they give you more time than the weekend before the TC meeting you( and the public) might be able to prepare your questions. Why doesn't the TC chairman come up with an agenda for the each quarter. It could be changed but the meat of the agenda would have time for thought. That way the Chairman would not be so PO every meeting. A bit of planning ahead. Only a suggestion.