Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Norton boiler (part 2)

I've uploaded the video from Tuesday's discussion on the Norton boilers.

It's costing all of us real tax dollars. So if you want to understand the situation... and hold people accountable... this may be a good place to start.

Part 1 (91 minutes)

Part 2 (5 minutes)

At this moment, I have two more questions that come to mind:

1) CT Combustion states that they contacted town staff, but staff did not respond. I wanted to know if this was true and, if so, why? Unfortunately, legal counsel intervened. But my followup question should have been... if staff doesn't respond for reasons of fairness, shouldn't staff ask legal counsel to respond? Shouldn't a response be given?

2) CT Combustion commented that they had tried to provide information to the Council and/or PBC... but they felt that the information never found its way to the Council / PBC. What did they mean by that?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

$16,000 doesn't sound bad considering that we wasted a year with a boiler that was not efficient and could breakdown at any time. What where they(BOE,STAFF and PBC) thinking????

Anonymous said...

Who resigned from the PBC?

Anonymous said...

What a mess!
Why is that whenever Mike Rocci was speaking either Esty or Ecke would rush him along? Is that how thy should treat the public?

I am wondering what happened to cause CT Combustion to become such a terrible company when they have been replacing and servicing many of the schools boilers.

It's unfortunate, but the lawyers will now have to sort this out. If they end up changing the award back to CT Combustion, will Matt Bowman sue? He is a "big tax payer" in Cheshire, so technically he will be suing himself.

I say the kids put on layers next winter because I don't think Norton will have new boiler by Oct. 15, 2008.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, Matt Bowman came up to grand stand and said that he would waive the 45 Day requirement. Later, Mr. Michaelangelo came up and said that he made it a point to make the 3rd bid a 90 day window. Does Matt look at the bids? Didn't he know that he made a bid based on 90days? If metals do go up in that 90day window, he would have to pay more. I hate grand standing! Based on professionalism, I would give the contract to CT Combustion. They seemed more prepared and made many valid points. All Mr. Bowman did was complain about CT Combustion not hooking up the gas part of the boiler. He was shot down when the president of CT Combustion said that they didn't want to spend any more of the town's money to make it adabtable to natural gas if there was no gas line going into the school. Makes sense to me.