Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Student survey deemed valid

The data from a town wide student survey about drug and alcohol use at Cheshire High School is valid, said Sarah Bogdanski-Bourdon, the project coordinator of the Cheshire Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking, on Friday. (MRJ, by Stacy Graham Hunt)

Tim White


Anonymous said...

How can results from a permission-only survey ever be considered valid regardless of how the actual survey was administered?

Anonymous said...

good question!! It was answered by the statistician who is analyzing the was weighted..ddv

Anonymous said...

Like every other issue; follow the money. The lady that validates the survey holds an interest in drug & alcohol programs. The Supt of Schools and his band of mindless followers will say the survey is invalid due to lack of participation as percentage of total students or who knows what.

The only is we have is we have a problem and the Supt and his band of followers choose to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

The article says the results will be made public in September. WHY is it taking that long for reviewing just over 500 surveys?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it disheartening to see that we are more concerned about the geese in town than our children. Just compare the number of posts to both issues. As of 19:58 on 30th of April we have 11 posts on the geese issue and 3 towards the students in town.

Maybe we should scramble the students and survey the geese!
Mike Rocci