Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rewriting the pool's history

Is it fair to say that the history has been written on The Pool Consultant?

I think it is fair to say that the history has been written.

It was an absolute waste of $20,000. And I'm glad I voted against it because the pool consultant did squat for the fee. (USA Swimming offered some assistance, but they were free.)

But not to let history sit, watch on Tuesday for an historian to become a revisionist and provide a whole new story for the pool. The rewriting began in this week's Herald and I expect will continue on Tuesday when the pool is discussed. Watch for the new history to include the "valued pool consultant report." Ha!

Unfortunately, the revisionists have a problem. It's called the internet.

Click here to watch the 45 minute Pool Consultant vote from Nov 28, 2006: Some of the comments are true gems. And while I was busy this weekend with other stuff (cleaning the house), I expect to have time for some video editing next weekend. Should be fun!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

It was worth the watch just to hear the ignorance of some of the TC back then and how they all felt that this consultant was a miracle worker and will fix all the problems. 18 months later and we are spending more money and the pool is falling apart. $20,000 well spent!
Did I hear MS. Esty say that she felt that we vitally important to address the energy costs and come up with a solutin in several months? What clock does she use?
Matt Altieri should be ashamed of himself for the way he pushed that across.
How do they put in a formal resolution and not have the right name of the people you will be paying $19,500 to and you don't even have the amount listed? Then Esty asks if we really had to put in a figure. Huh?? No, we don't have to, we can just let you guys figure out what you want to pay them.
I liked Tom Ruocco's solution the best, find someone to lease it for $1. Unfortunately, we never will. We had, and still have, a poorly run government that allowed this thing to get to where it is now, so we continue to waste money on consultants and we keep discussing what to do without actually doing anything.

Tim White said...

I felt one of the more memorable comments was "this is the only responsible thing to do."


In the end, at least Ecke was honest:

"We just wanted someone to come in, say it's expensive to run and you're doing a good job." (WRA, May 2007)

$20,000 to pat themselves on the back. Disgusting, but surprisingly honest.

Anonymous said...

pool history- Most people do not understand the facts about the pool . The only reason the bubble has been considered a problem is because of the amount of energy it is using to heat and to serve the off summer use. The problems surrounding the pool with the heat and the blowers are over. It is not a problem of the bubble but the energy cost. The problems surrounding the pool area are the leaking roof which covers the front lobby and the locker rooms. This is a problem since the roof was not constructed properly. Please inform all that the bubble does not leak it is just getting old and a new and modern one will someday be purchased. Be real this town and the voters not even the people who use the pool will ever vote on a perm structure. Why--- that will cost at least 2-5 million.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for it. If we save over 200,000/year it will pay for itself. Energy costs are not going down. If they continue the way they have gone up this week pay back will be quick. The bye -product will be more healthy use of the pool. "More events" to steal a line.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't we want a permanent structure?
How long do the bubbles last and at what cost? $40K a year to put it up and take it down.
I suggest you re-think that one.
The town voters would have never voted for the pool in the first place if we knew 10 years later it would be costing us almost a half million dollars a year to subsidize it.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the turf goes through and then 10 years down the road the taxpayers will be expected to fund the replacement costs along with all the other costs throughout the 10 years.