Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Simsbury development

I got a note from my former colleague David Schrumm tonight. It's about a proposed 900,000 square foot residential/retail development in Simsbury (by Cox). There was a hearing planned, but things didn't work out so well because... the Simsbury fire marshal shut it down when an overflow crowd showed up at the auditorium of Eno Memorial Hall. It seats 240. Opponents say the development is not in character with the town. The hearing has been rescheduled....

Tim White


Anonymous said...

From what I have witnessed over the last few years we couldn't get 240 Cheshire residents into Town Hall Council Chambers if Elvis reappeared on the dais. With a 30% voter turn out this past election, this town is filled with people that just don't care!
Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that people just don't care.

They have learned that what they think does not matter. This town is run by the developers and other special interest groups.

The town council Democratic majority knows how they are going to vote before anything is discussed.

Planning and Zoning, with the exception of two members know how the are going to vote before a word is spoken and probably before an application has been made.

Face it, Cheshire is run for the benefit of the few. Town employees know the rule, keep your mouth shut and don't oppose the TM.

Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

The fire Marshall shut down a meeting in Madison not long ago( over 300) people. I guess that is why Simsbury and Madison have higher house values than Cheshire. They care about their town.

Anonymous said...

Does their Town Council listen to the people and vote the way their citizens wish?
Probably they do.
The few times I went to a TC meeting I felt that I was being totally ignored and was brushed asided.Perhaps if our TC acts interested and makes a reasonable attempt to vote the way the general public wants them to, you will get more attendance and input.

Anonymous said...

On another blog there was a comment regarding the NE being completed by Sept 2009. All I can say is good luck. We will not have to worry about traffic etc. Restaurants, movie theatres,retail shops closing and housing forclosures. Is anyone looking at the economy or reading the papers lately? We are not on an island. Didn't this happen to that land in the 80's? No financing. Bad economic climate. That's why it wasn't developed the first time.