Thursday, April 17, 2008

80% of CT legislators are corrupt!

"There's probably 80% of the legislators here have some form of corruption, whether in their background or right now."

- Legislative intern, April 15, 2008, speaking on ethics reform on CT-N

Hat tip to Spazeboy for getting this four minute clip onto YouTube!

It's worth the four minutes of your time to watch this.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to readh his book!
Ou4r wonderful Speaker, Mr. Amann, should have a few chapters devoted to him.
I wonder what percentage of our TC is corrupt?

Anonymous said...

I would estimate about five ninths.

Anonymous said...

And exactly why was that worth 4 minutes of my time?

Tim-your anti-establishment harangue is old and tired. If you can't legislate changes, then what???

tim white said...

9:05 I actually think that he really overstated his case. For instance, his support for corruption seemed to be partly placed Lebeau calling him a "lowlife." Now that's rude, but it's not corruption. But I thought it was interesting... and his cool, matter-of-fact comment about "expecting a response like that from a politician" was pretty funny IMO.

And my post doesn't mention anything about being "anti-establishment." So I'm unclear why you make that comment.

As for legislating changes... less than two weeks ago, I got the Council to take action (if timid) on the bubble.

I do what I can, but recognize I'm only one of nine.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:05 What are you talking about? What has the majority done?