Friday, April 11, 2008

Earmarks: Murphy v Cappiello, but no Nania

From the Litchfield County Times (by Scott Benjamin):

The incumbent Democrat and the Republican challenger in the Fifth Congressional District are addressing how to reform the use of congressional earmarks, the funding that gets steered to districts without even going to a public hearing.

In this article, the Democrat is Chris Murphy and the Republican is Dave Cappiello... no mention of the other Republican, Tony Nania.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Why would you be so against something that would benefit hundreds of our children? If you have a problem with the way the State distributes money, run for a State Representative seat. As I read some of your comments, I have to ask you: why are you against everything? It seems that you want to put down anything that would improve our town.

tim white said...

huh? I don't follow.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:05 If someone recommends looking into replacing the bubble with a permanent structure thus saving energy,dollars and provide a more healthful pool to me that would be someone who is trying to improve our town. By asking good hard questions doesn't mean your against everthing. I'm in favor of fixing the pool once and for all.

Anonymous said...

"It seems that you want to put down anything that would improve our town."

Boy that pool bubble was such a great improvement.. and that trail to nowhere was a great idea. How about hundreds of apartments in the North End. That too, will improve Cheshire a whole lot.