Thursday, April 03, 2008

Budget vote tonight

The Council will vote on the budget tonight (Thursday). We'll cast a number of votes with the focus likely being placed on the:

1) Town budget
2) WPCD budget (sewers)
3) Pool budget

Furthermore, I understand that residents will be allowed to comment on the budget. So you may want to attend... if not to actually change anyone's mind... then simply to use the power of the bully pulpit and speak to the TV cameras to share your views with the entire town.

Going to bed now.

Tim White

p.s. Go girls! Go Geno!


Anonymous said...

still wondering what happened to the pool historian and where it was going???Where can one locate what was written about the history. Oh yes the past problems had nothing to do with being "on an Indian Burial Ground". It has to do with misinformation and others not watching what was going on. So where is this pool historian?

Anonymous said...

Why let people speak when you don't listen? Don't insult our intelligence?

Anonymous said...

Why does anybody show up at these meetings? It's been decided by the "arrogant five" long before.

Anonymous said...

Donkey's win 5-4..time for a dip in the pool.
Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

Is it legal for the Town to maintain such a high "surplus" and also state that some of it will be set aside for next year? I thought that the Town of Cheshire is a "Not -for -profit" organization. The same question goes for the State. My feeling is that all this money should be used for the current fiscal year budget and any remaining should be used to reduce next years budget. What gives?