Monday, April 21, 2008

Caligiuri may run unopposed

State Sen. Sam Caligiuri, R-16th District, has announced he will seek re-election, but with Town Council Chairman John Barry among the Democrats saying they will not run against him, Caligiuri may be unopposed this fall (MRJ, by Jason Vallee).

State Rep. John Mazurek, D-81st, has told Caligiuri he will not run for the Senate and both Town Councilor David Zoni, who ran against Caligiuri in 2006, and State Rep. Bruce Zalaski, D-80th, said there may not be a Democratic candidate ready to run.

"It's very possible that he could end up unopposed," Zoni said. "I enjoyed campaigning the last time around, but I made a commitment last fall to serve the people of Southington as a member of the Town Council. It's difficult to campaign to begin with and Sam has put himself in a good light, which will only make the task more difficult."
(emphasis mine)

Go Sam! Sam for Governor!

Tim White

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