Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Romano's is closing

According to the NHRs Luther Turmelle, Romano's Seafood (you know... the big lobster near Richard's Corner) is closing.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

The news is old and late, they closed about 10 days ago.

Anonymous said...

Hard to understand, it was a nice place and seemed pretty busy....if I like a restaurant it goes out, it seems

tim white said...

Vespucci's and Yellow Fin have both been around a few years now. I like them both.

Anonymous said...

Yellow Fin is a bit too airy for my taste...see I am a bitter man who would fit in across most of PA

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how many people come from out of town to eat here? IMO Cheshire is not a town noted for it's fine dining establishments.

Maybe it's just me and I was spoiled living in NYC for 40 years. So I have to drive 90 miles now to get a nice zuppa de pecce. No big deal! I like the "Seashore" on City Island in the Bronx, it's one of my favorites.

If you like steak, there's "Ruth's Chris" and "Old Homestead" in Manhattan. "Peter Luger's" steak house in Queens is very good, but make sure you bring a lota cash. The last time I ate there with 3 other couples the bill was over $1200.00

I had the opportunity to dine at "Windows of the World" and I must say that was very nice. Sadly as you all know it and many of it's employees are no longer with us after we we attacked on 9-11.

As far as Cheshire goes, I must agree with Tim, Vespucci's is the best in town. One day I'll try Yellow Fin, maybe after I receive my check from GW Bush.
Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

Come on Mike, don't knock Yellow Fins until you tried it. Thye have an excellent chef and some fabulous food.
I only wish we had more restaurants like Yellow Fins instead of all these pharmacies. I am getting the feeling that this whole town is drugged up!

Anonymous said...

It's tough to make a businees go when you don't own the building.

Anonymous said...

Romano's had great crabcakes, but they were expensive. The pricing there may have been appropriate, but it ruled out regular visits from my clan.