Saturday, April 26, 2008

Adinolfi supports 3 Strikes

I know Sam Caligiuri and Tom Gaffey have also voiced public support for "3 Strikes" since last summer. Does anyone happen to know the public record of Mary Fritz and Vickie Nardello? I happen to recall them offering legislation last year that would have been different from the very straightforward Adinolfi / Caligiuri "3 Strikes" rule... I'm sure it's all out there on the web. I just don't have the time to research it right now.

One last note... I didn't upload this video. So I'm glad to see there are others who are doing this and are helping us see our state officials in their own words.

Tim White


mountain road said...

It appears that both Reps. Nardello and Fritz voted in favor of 3-Strikes this time, though it was defeated by the House 77-63.

See House Journal for 4/25/08 at

then scroll down about halfway to

The 3-Strikes proposal was amendment Schedule “A” (LCO 4964). The roll call vote appears above the text of the proposed amendment.

The liberal Democratic leadership, including Amann and Lawlor, continues to coddle violent career criminals by rejecting 3-Strikes.

Too bad it took this latest heinous crime in New Britain, and a lot of public pressure, to get Nardello and Fritz to switch their votes.

tim white said...

both Reps. Nardello and Fritz voted in favor of 3-Strikes this time

So they did vote against "3 strikes" during the January special session? That's what I recall.

mountain road said...

Yes, Nardello and Fritz voted against 3-Strikes in January.

Here's what Redtown posted then:

This is how Cheshire’s state reps voted yesterday.

To Abolish the Death Penalty:
Adinolfi - No
Fritz - No
Nardello - Yes

On Three-Strikes Mandatory sentences:
Adinolfi - Yes
Fritz - No
Nardello - No

So Rep. Vickie Nardello voted to spare vicious thugs like Hayes and Komisarjevsky from the death penalty, and then she went on to vote against them being locked up for life as career criminals.

Anonymous said...

"I voted against it before I voted for it"

Where's John Kerry when we need him?