Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Adinolfi to run on record

The NHRs Luther Turmelle has this story on the race for the 103rd.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"Esty, who has practiced law, said she favors a broader approach in dealing with criminal justice reform.
What does she propose? Let them all out of prison as long as they say they are sorry?
I sure hope the residents of Cheshire see that she isn't in favor of protecting its citizens. First by allowing the TC to drop the additional police officer from the budget and second by not wanting stricter laws to keep career criminals in prison.
Please make sure you see what type of person she is, you don't want her making decisions regarding our public safety, she has already shown she doesn't care!

Anonymous said...

Go Al. You have your record. He has none. What has she done?

Anonymous said...

She practiced law? Where, when. According to State records she has yet to pass the bar in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

On a more important topic, here's item #10, New Business, from the Boe's agenda for their 4/10 meeting at town hall:
A. Recommendation to Town Council of a Field Turf Study Committee

Anonymous said...

And whatever you heard for "total teacher retirements" in Florio's budget (I believe it was around 7 estimated) has now turned into an actual number of 16 retirements.

Anonymous said...

"who has practiced law"

There's a term for woman who get law degrees and then can't be bothered to work to build a practice----"hobbyist"

Just want we need--someone who'll watch some PBS special and act like an expert on whatever hot issue we have---just like that "legal scholar" Chris Murphy and his unconstituional federal burglary bill.

Leave law enforcement to the experts. Please.

Tim White said...

6:37 make that 16 and counting...

But for a reality check on this number, do the math...

If a teacher maxes out on pension at 37.5 years (2%/yr, up to 75% of full salary)... and if you have 375 teachers... then if EVERY teacher stays for 37.5 yrs... you'll have ten retirements per year.

However, there's always a lot of turnover in any employee group of 375. So you can assume that more than 10 teachers will leave every year.

But we shouldn't talk about these things. It's so mean-spirited.

Anonymous said...

Does she call herself a lawyer? I thought you had to pass the bar to do that, otherwise you simply just graduated from law school, if that's the case.

We need leadership not just another rubber stamp that votes in lock step with a Dem majority.

No independent thought here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:37 That's almost $200,000 in extra money that slips by the budget process. So they get exactly what they ask for every year.

Anonymous said...

She can do what she wants with her degree and not practice law or whatever that's her right. I still will not vote for her.

Anonymous said...

If she would waste tens of thousands of dollars of her own (or her families) money getting a degree she never used, how in Wicca's name is she going to be frugal about spending the taxpayer's money?

tim white said...

If she would waste tens of thousands of dollars of her own (or her families) money getting a degree she never used, how in Wicca's name is she going to be frugal about spending the taxpayer's money?

All... Elizabeth Esty is running for office. So she's obviously fair game to an extent... but some anonymous posters are suggesting she never practiced law?

Do you have any basis for those claims?

Seriously... from my perspective, she may have gone to law school... then decided to be a stay at home mom... I really don't know... but frankly, these (unsubstantiated) claims strike me as obnoxious. You don't have to like her, but to make these suggestions is to say that being a "stay-at-home" mom is a bad thing. And I strongly disagree.

Furthermore, I have two good friends who went to law school (including one CHS buddy who went to Harvard)... got their law degrees, passed their bars and practiced for one or two years.

Were their degrees wasted? In their opinion, no. Law degrees are useful for a number of goals... not just practicing law.

For both of my friends, they wanted to go into business for themselves. And based on my recollection of their explanations... they both wanted the law degree to give them two things... 1) a greater understanding of the legal world which can haunt small business owners and 2) credibility, particularly when finding investors, etc.

Anyway... stop making obnoxious comments.

Anonymous said...

she gets what she deserves after impugning Ms. Soltis without justification

Anonymous said...

She is in the ring now and will take a few punches. I'm sure she aware of that and will defend herself. She is capable. I will vote for Al because he listens to the people and delivers.

Anonymous said...

RE: Elizabeth Esty has donated money to the liberal Emily's List, an organization dedicated "to elect pro-choice Democratic women." (Noted on another post).

Abortion rights is this group's sole agenda, including taxpayer-funded abortions, and unrestricted late term PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS.

Emily's List demands 100% compliance with its most extreme pro-abortion positions. They withdrew support from Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu because, while otherwise pro-choice, Landrieu opposed late term, partial birth abortions, except to save the mother's life.

Google up "Emily's List" + abortion to see for yourself.

So now that Esty is running for state rep., we want to know, does she support unrestricted, taxpayer-funded, late term abortions of fully viable babies?

Remember, less than 3% of abortions are due to incest, rape, or to protect mother's life. 97% of abortions are for social convenience.

mountain road said...

Elizabeth Esty is the epitome of extreme, left-wing lunatic liberals.

In their world, it’s OK to butcher fully viable late-term babies, but it’s not OK to execute mass-murderers who rape and torture their child victims. It’s OK for taxpayers to finance abortions, but it’s not OK to spend that same money keeping habitual felons locked up for life.

And they really believe their upside-down world is “enlightened”.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This will be more exciting than the presidential race.