Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Presentation: stopping substance abuse

With the Human Services Committee's Alcohol Awareness week happening, they're planning an event:

April 24, 2008 7pm
Dodd Middle School, Cheshire CT
Ginger Katz: Courage To Speak (This is a community presentation focusing on the issue of substance abuse and what as parents and community members we can do about it.)

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I saw Mr Brittingham's comments on TV last night. My hat goes off to the people who voted him onto the board. We need more Mr Brittinghams on all of our boards. I felt his passion and agree with him 100%...I was really fired up to hear the super start complaining that there isnt enough funding to address the issue(resource staff member position) How important are our kids..not as important as a smart board, turf consultant, key boarding instructor, asst coach...you can name anything in the budget....cut some of the fluff and attack the issue like it should be. If you need a new staff position to do it...find the funds, after all, the kids health and well being should be the number 1 concern

Anonymous said...

Priorities are all backwards. Go Mr. Brittingham. You have many behind you.

Anonymous said...

The public needs to come out to BOE meetings and voice their support for Gerry Brittingham. If you disagree with him you should also come out and say so. The problem is the Supt and BOE refuse to admit or acknowledge a problem may exist. The reason is if we have to admit there is a drug or alcohol problem the school system will be seen in a negative light, Cheshire may be seen as a community different from what the myths are. If the community really wants to make this community a good place to live they need to demand from our leadership to admit there is a problem and fix it. In all honesty we have allowed ourselves to have a Supt of Schools and a Principal of the High School that play political games, choose not to admit there is a problem because the Town is run by rel estate and home develpers.

tim white said...

6:20 I add that parents need to be included in the discussion.

I graduated CHS in '90. And my parents were all over everything little thing I did... and knew my teachers, etc.

If I ever came home past curfew and hadn't called, I'd be grounded, etc.

Anonymous said...

Some parents have to wake up and smell the coffee. Children need guidance from adults especially their parents. Most of this stuff happens after school so monitor these activities more. If students get caught they should be properly punished and the parents should be held reponsible for administering it. The teachers can do just so much. After all they are not the parents.

Anonymous said...

Parents, kids, schools all have responsibility to address the issue. When parents choose to be their kids best friends instead of providing discipline, leadership and role models and allowing and even encouraging drinking at home we have serious problems.