Wednesday, April 02, 2008

CT businesses closing

According to the WRA (by Mark Silvestrini):

Businesses in Connecticut closed at a record pace during the first quarter of 2008, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Secretary of the State's office...

Don Klepper-Smith, chief economist and director of research for DataCore Partners LLC of New Haven, also linked the data to the slowing national economy.

"The data on starts suggest that the Connecticut economy is starting to feel the effects of a national recession, which probably began last year," he said. "Business starts are an important gauge because they speak not only to business confidence, but job creation and investment as well.

"The severity of the national recession is clearly going to impact us through the remainder of the year," he said. "I expect further erosion in business starts, and a rise in business failures."

I'm so glad I attended the dog & pony show budget committee meetings. If we didn't have those meetings, we may have ended up wasting $14,000 on ANOTHER strategic plan! And, along with other unnecessary spending, that would lead us to further increasing spending and... raising taxes even higher and... perhaps forcing even more businesses to close... all because of unnecessary, wasteful spending in both Cheshire and Hartford.

Oh wait!

We are going to waste that money on the strategic plan. Sorry. I forgot. I was thinking that we had elected officials who represent the Town's people, not the Town's management.

My bad.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Please explain the purpose of the "strategic plan" and why we need it?
Who is doing it and how are they chosen?
I can use an extra $14,000 to pay these high energy costs so I thought maybe I can apply.

Anonymous said...

The purpose is to spend "surplus money" on BS.
How they are chosen -good question.
Does your name have a "J" or an "A" in it?

Anonymous said...

I assume it will be given again to Justin Adinalfi. It's only right that the council help support aone of their own ex members.

This is probably just a way that the council, acting for the town's special interests, rewards Justin Adinalfi for his the dedicated work in supporting the W/S mall and the owners of the property.

Instead of the "strategic plan" it should be called the JA Income Enhancement.

I think this is the third time to the well. The first two times were for $14,000 also.

Why doesn't this go out to bid or better yet, what is the $100,000 town planner doing.