Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cox rates increasing May 15

From the Courant (by Mark Peters):

Cox Communications Inc. will raise its cable TV rates in May by a few dollars a month for most customers.

The increases, announced this afternoon, will affect all three Cox franchises in Connecticut, which cover the Meriden, Manchester and Enfield areas for a total of 19 towns and cities. The rate increase, which doesn't require state regulatory approval, begins May 15.

Cox blamed the increase on rising operating costs including higher prices for gasoline and utilities and increased costs for programming. The Atlanta-based cable company last raised its basic rates in the Meriden and Enfield areas in 2002 and in Manchester in 2004. Increases for some expanded packages last happened in 2006, the company said.

After the tax increase last week, I decided that something had to go for the time being. So I decided to axe my cable bill indefinitely (I pay my taxes every six months. And since they're not in escrow, cash flows are a big deal to me). I'm glad I did.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be nice to be paid twice a year? It would help the cash flow problem.

tim white said...

huh? I'm ok with every two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I mean the Town of Cheshire. They said they have a cash flow problem and need to keep two to three months in reserve???

tim white said...

I voted against the fund balance policy.

$90,000/yr in increased taxes. For what? To save $20,000/yr in interest expense.

Anonymous said...

Imagine years ago we didn't have cell phone or cable bills. They both add up to over $200 a month. Maybe many people can do without them.

tim white said...

I also need to change my phone service. ATT is fine for me... but I want to downgrade to more of a "just local" calling plan.

Unlike the town and it's trips to Virginia and Seattle... I actually do have to cut back on unnecessary spending.

I wish the majority was my boss and I was a Jedi. I could just tell them to pay my cable and phone bills... and they would!

Anonymous said...

Call Directv at 1-800-directv. You cant fight the cable companies. Also, If we were smart as a unified town we should use a buying club mentality when dealing with outside services. I used this method in the automotive service station business when purchasing fuel and convenience store items like cigarettes and food items.
Mike Rocci