Sunday, April 13, 2008

Deegan on Sunflower Relay fundraiser

I didn't say it during the meeting, but I thank Kerry Deegan for his efforts to both help a worthy cause (Relay for Life) and beautify his corner of Cheshire: Tim White
Town Council, 4th District


Anonymous said...

At least we have one person in this sorry town that displays and lives with a message of true help for those less fortunate. He at least says what he believes and works towards the goal. He should be the Town Manager.

Anonymous said...

Good point Tim.....he let my daughter help him with this project for community service. Nice job Deegan.

Anonymous said...

Ther are many people in this town like Mr. Deegan. They do their own thing and help many. Thank you Mr. Deegan all the rest who work behind the scenes and receive little recognition.