Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Maguire Group is back to business

Some of you may remember a July 2007 post about now-Gubernatorial candidate Gary LeBeau. At the time he described The Maguire Group as the "nexus" of the I-84 storm-drains-to-nowhere debacle.

And some of you may also remember this piece about the relationship between The Maguire Group and my favorite state Rep.

Well, The Maguire Group is back in business! The WRAs Andrew Larson reports:

The Maguire Group, under new ownership since its involvement in a botched construction project on Interstate 84 between Cheshire and Waterbury, has been awarded a new contract with the state.

The company, which is based in New Britain, has been selected to perform environmental services for the Department of Transportation.

I'd say it's unreal. But hey, this is Corrupticut.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

James Fritz was fired by the Mcguire Group after the botched I-84 work became public. The company has since been sold to a construction firm from Miami FL. The name escapes me at the moment, but in the same article it states that after the takeover, more people involved with the I-84 mess were fired

tim white said...

I stopped by the library today. Last Sunday's paper made no mention of the details you cite.

I have wondered about what happened with the Chief Inspector. Based on memory, he didn't leave that job until Autumn 2005... and was also elected Clinton First Selectman in November 2005. So I'm curious to know specific details, including dates, about what happened.

Anonymous said...

The reason there is wide spread corruption in Connecticut is because the legislature allows it. They stripped the investigating authority from the Attorney General and as a result nothing is looked into, unless the FBI does it. You get a feel of the extent of corruption by reflecting on how was this legislation passed to stop the Attorney General. It took a lot of the members to vote for tying the Attorney General's hands.

Until the Attorney General's investigating powers are restored, corruption is the legislatures mode of operation.