Saturday, January 09, 2010

PPP has GOP up by 1% in Mass Senate race

Yes, you read that correctly. Public Policy Polling has GOP candidate Scott Brown leading Dem candidate Martha Coakley - 48% to 47%. Stunning. Looks like Senator Dodd may have been onto something. See the crosstabs here.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

WE need this win which will stop the 60 vote filibuster proof democratic majority in the Senate. This win will send the health care debacle back to the drawing board.

Please go to this website and learn who Scott Brown is and how he intends to be himself and make fundamental conservative changes in D.C.

Please do what you can, like I did and give Scott the financial backing he needs needs to put a republican US Senator back in Massachusetts.



Anonymous said...

Brown has raised nearly $1 Million online today

Give if you can so we can stop the Obama juggernaut before it is too late

L'Chiam said...

The Dem candidate, Martha Coakley doesn't just support abortion rights, she's an enthusiastic true believer.

The Boston Globe reports that prior to joining the DA's office, "Coakley was a private lawyer who volunteered her time to help minors get court orders for abortions when they could not get their parents’ consent."

While Scott Brown obstensibly supports Rowe v Wade, he has sought reasonable regulations such as parental notification, restricting use of taxpayers' dollars, and limiting late term "partial birth" abortions to saving the mother's life.

Coakley opposes all such restrictions. She would be the most radically zealous abortion activist in the US Senate.

In last night's debate, she objected to religious "conscience exemptions" -- Coakley would force Catholic hospitals to distribute abortive contraception rather than send patients elsewhere. This womyn is truly evil.

A poll this week shows this race at 48-47%. It can go either way. Every vote and dollar counts!

Please also consider donating to

Anonymous said...

Tuesday's Rasmussen poll of likely voters:
Coakley 49% - Brown 47%‏

Massachusetts today,
Connecticut tomorrow!