Sunday, January 03, 2010

Buchanan on the Council's 2010

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan has an article on some of the big issues facing the new Council:

"There is an expectation that we'll be on the case," said Town Council Chairman Tim Slocum

Councilman Ecke spoke on the 'no confidence' vote at the CPD:

"Do I think it will be magically fixed in a year? Only time will tell," he said. "I don't know that it will be solved, but I'm sure it will be addressed."

Councilman Schrumm spoke on the budget:

"We can't print money like the Federal government,"... "I don't think they're in the mood for a substantial tax increase," he said.

And I weighed in when asked about the pool. I offered two goals of mine:

1) A referendum on a permanent structure by November... noting that a special referendum would cost money... so there would need to be a good reason for holding a special referendum... particularly since it would have an entirely different voter pool (likely much lower) than the general election in November.

2) All Council members say whether they will support / oppose the continued use of the bubble. I don't and won't. It costs too much money for a "self-supporting pool
" and it wastes too much energy at a time when I thought we were supposed to be getting serious about energy consumption.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

These sound like good plans!

Anonymous said...

Ecke is right, only time will tell how long or quick the police matter will be solved. Hopefully he has made a statement that ALL councilors can agree on