Thursday, January 28, 2010

CRTC overflowing with GOP candidates tonight

The Cheshire Republican Town Committee met tonight. And boy... it certainly felt like Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts has gotten Rs interested in running. We had at least eight candidates there tonight:

1 for Governor
2 for the CT-5
1 for SOTS
2 for the 16th state Senate seat
1 for the 89th
1 for the 103rd

Of course, the 103rd was Al Adinolfi. And he always attends the RTC, so he's not news. And one of the CT-5 candidates, Justin Bernier, has visited before. But the other six candidates were all new.

Jeff Wright is the Mayor of Newington and is running for Governor. I thought he did a good job. Phil Coppeto asked him about binding arbitration and, being a local elected official, Jeff understood the implications. I was frank with him. I thought he was pretty good. But if Shays runs, I'll probably support him. He has high name recognition, can raise the money and has a record. Frankly, I always thought Chris Shays was more of an even-handed Chief Executive than a representative... who I view as more of an advocate.

Justin Bernier and Kie Westby both visited and are running for the CT-5. Justin said he has an economics background. I was unaware of that, but upon learning this, I decided to ask him about my trillion dollar concern:

US monetary policy - good or bad? And what would you change?

Justin said he supported Audit the Fed. So I loved that. But I was hoping to hear more about the inherent problems of fractional-reserve banking and fiat money. Oh well. It bores most people to death, but debating those two issues is critical to America's future IMHO.

I didn't get a chance to hear Kie Westby speak, other than his opposition to changing "don't ask, don't tell." Doesn't matter much to me though. Sam Caligiuri has helped me in the past and he's extremely thoughtful on policy. So I trust and support Sam. But if it wasn't Sam, I'm confident I'd support Justin. He's well-spoken and energetic... even though I really just want a policy wonk who bases all decisions on The Grand Philosophy.* Go Ron Paul!!!

Running for Susie B's job is Jerry Farrell. He's a member of the Wallingford Town Council and Commissioner of Consumer Protection.

Former state Senator, and Southington resident, Joe Marklee is running for Sam Caligiuri's 16th Senate seat. And there was a Wolcott resident (didn't get his name) also stumping for the GOP nod in the 16th district.

Bethany resident Kathy Brown is going after Vickie Nardello's 89th House seat. After having gotten involved with some of CTs Tea Parties, Kathy decided to step up to the plate and run for office. As for my plans... ummm... chalk me up as undecided. But it is tempting. :) In the meantime, here's an introduction to Kathy:

And you all know the 8th candidate of the evening, Uncle Al. So no introduction is necessary.

But seriously... eight candidates. I can't remember how many years it's been since eight candidates total have even come to the CRTC. Scott Brown's victory had implications across America. Wow.

Tim White

* i.e. - The US Constitution, Article I, Section 8!


cedar lane said...

Let's hope Chris Shays runs for Governor. He's the only one with statewide name recognition, and the best chance for Republicans to hold the office.

Too bad Kie Westby opposes repeal of Dont Ask/ Dont Tell. 70% of Americans, including most Republicans, Conservatives, and military families, want it repealed. Time to do it and move on.

Its also time for Esty and Nardello to go. Glad Tim is considering running. Al will have to work hard, but he can do it.

Anonymous said...

"70% of Americans, including most Republicans, Conservatives, and military families, want (DADT) repealed."

Where do you get your data?

cedar lane said...

69% of US adults, including most Conservatives and Republicans, now favor repeal of DADT (Gallup):

73% of US combat troops are "personally comfortable in the presence of gay and lesbian comrades" (Zogby):

Most military families, think DADT should be repealed (Quinnipiac):

104 retired senior officers, lead by former Joint Chiefs Chairman General John Shalikashvili, have urged repeal of DADT, calling it harmful to the military's mission.

This is not a winning issue. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Larry DeNardis. He was Cheshire's state Sen. years ago. He needs to get out more if he's running for Gov. Cedar Lane may be right though, that Shays has the best shot of winning in Nov.

Tim White was Scott Brown before we ever heard of Scott Brown! (Think effective one-on-one retail politics).

I think Don't Ask/Tell will be repealed with many Republican votes in Congress. Too many Arab lanuage translators are being lost. Even Ron Paul doesn't like the policy.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would anyone want to vote for Chris Shays? He was virtually an Obama supporter. If we have to elect a RINO for the sake of saying we have a Republican then I will stay home. Restoration of coservative free market minded individuals without a lot of their old baggage is the only way to get us out of the hole that has been created over the last35 years by the likes of liberal Republican and Democrats bent on fullfilling the unbridaled wants of the public.