Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Ongoing" discussions on school labor contracts

The Herald's John Rook reports on the Superintendent's proposed school budget and the crux of the issue:

In October of 2008, the Cheshire Education Association and the Board of Education agreed to a new, three-year deal that promised educators an average salary increase of 4.4 percent. The economic climate worsened throughout the fall and winter of 2008 and, by the time budget talks began in 2009, many in town were asking that the union agree to certain concessions to help mitigate costs.

However, talks between the union and school administrators did not produce an agreement and no changes were made to the contract.

During his presentation, Florio mentioned that talks between administrators and employee unions were “ongoing” and that his budget had not “factored in any adjustments that might be made.”

I await the news from Dr. Florio.

And if you're wondering what's happening in Wallingford, this MRJ article explains their proposed budget.

Tim White

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