Monday, January 25, 2010

The Goldman Sachs Bailout: Should Warren Buffett testify with the rest of them?

And since I'm online...

Today I noticed that not only did NY Fed officials show their disdain for transparency when discussing their bailout of Goldman Sachs bailout of AIG, but they also required all AIG related emails be run by the Fed's external lawyers at Davis, Polk & Wardwell. And maybe this is a complete coincidence, but one of the DPW partners is named Sam Dimon. Any chance he's related to Bank of America's CEO, Jamie Dimon? Jamie Dimon works the second shift as a member of the Federal Reserve New York's Board of Directors.

Then I see Reuters reporting that the SEC was in on the AIG / Fed anti-transparency game. Apparently the SEC was claiming "national security" concerns with regard to the Goldman Sachs AIG bailout emails.

I mean... how absurd can the fraudsters make this?

And finally I recalled something that looked fishy to me all along.

On September 16, 2008, top GOP Bankster Hank Paulson announced the criminal act of bailing out his former company, Goldman Sachs AIG with the first $85 billion.

Then on September 23, 2008, Warren Buffett announces his $5 billion investment in Goldman.

And on September 23, 2009, it's shown that Buffett made $3 billion on his Goldman investment.

Any chance that during the week of Sept 16 to Sept 23 2008, Warren had a brief conversation with Hank Paulson or one of the other Bush / Obama thieves who were in-the-know on the backdoor bailout for Goldman Sachs?

I wish there was just one person in Washington with the political courage and ability to stand up to these crooks and demand answers. And it should go all the way to the top. Bush and Obama should both be placed under oath and required to testify to two questions:

What did you know? And

When did you know it?

Someone needs to be held accountable... and this $120 billion tax that Obama wants is nonsense. First Obama votes for Bush's $700 billion bailout. Then President Obama allows Bailout Ben to dish out $12 trillion to his cronies on Wall Street and to other global Banksters? And he thinks $120 billion tax is going to soothe my anger?! He must be kidding himself. Or maybe he thinks the American people are truly stupid?

The fix is in. I just wish someone would do something about it.

Tim White

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