Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The earthquake in Haiti

The HuffPost has some ideas for helping with earthquake relief, if you're so inclined.

Mercy of God deliver us.
Love of Christ heal us.
Spirit of God strengthen us.

Lord, have mercy on all those hurt by the earthquake --
the victims, the injured, the grieving,
the rescuers, and the healers.

Prince of Peace, grant through your holy Cross
where you suffer with all humanity,
that we may rise up to new life with you,
to be instruments of your Peace.

Through Christ our Lord,
and the intercession of
Fr. Mychal Judge
friend of the injured, rescuers, and the grieving. Amen.


franciscan friend said...

Tim, thanks for this.

This may be the worst catastrophe ever in the Western hemisphere. The Red Cross says 3 million are dead, injured, or homeless.

My church sponsors an orphanage, the St. Joseph Home, just outside of Port au Prince. One silver lining: the earthquake struck just 7 minutes before the children were to be gathered in the chapel, which was demolished. Only one child was hurt. Had the quake hit any later, most would have been killed.

Let's count our blessings, and be generous in prayer and giving.

Anonymous said...

It's best to give to well known, established charities, like Red Cross, Catholic Relief, UNICEF.

These groups are already on the ground in Haiti, and 90%+ of their funds go directly to help people (not to administrative costs).