Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obama promises transparency, delivers secrecy

I previously mentioned President Obama's broken promise to hold the healthcare reform debate in public.

Now the Campaign for Liberty's Matt Hawes opines:

Further proving (as if there was any doubt left) that for all his rhetoric, Obama should have campaigned on "Status Quo with Better Pronunciation" rather than "Change You Can Believe In."

Instead we get the Louisiana Purchase, Cornhusker Kickback and Dodd Disbursement. With 13 state AGs (all Rs) suing the Federal Government over the sweetheart deal for Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska), I wonder how CTs AG - and presumptive Senator - feels about it?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that our AG Dick B. could not answer a question from Glen Beck on what law gave him permission as AG to regulate executive pay. I guess he makes them up as he pleases.

Remember, you can't spell AIG without AG!

Oh, and let's follow what Dump Dodd does with his $514,173.62 of federal (our tax dollars,) presidential matching funds go now that he's retiring.

The only reason why he ran for his bogus presidential campaign was to receive matching funds, not use them but to save them for his 2010 senate race.

We can use that $514,173.62 to close the gap on our state budget..every penny that Governor Rell can cut/save the better.


Anonymous said...

You mean Obama lied to us?
He's breaking his promises?
This is so SHOCKING!! ;)-

So much for the hopey-changey thing.