Monday, January 04, 2010

Cheshire's Tea Party and Thursday's caucus

Tonight I got an email from a friend who witnessed Cheshire's weekly Monday Tea Party for the first time:

the thing is that this rally in Cheshire had participation and turnout that I am unaccustomed to seeing in a small town (around here, a couple of dozen people is a good crowd)

His basic comment to me was the Dodd needs to go. And considering that the Banking Chairman:

1) allowed TBTF to get even bigger in the past twelve months;

opposes transparency; and

supports Bailout Ben

I think it's time for Dodd's retirement.

But returning to the Tea Party, I understand there was some talk tonight about attending the Republican caucus this Thursday in an effort to join the RTC and work to reform the system in an official capacity.

Considering that most delegates to the GOP convention next May will likely come from the RTC... that's probably a smart move as they'll likely be influencing the GOP candidates for Senate, Congress and Governor. Keep the same thing in mind for the Democratic party.

Tim White


Breachway said...

Tim, as a Republican I think the Tea Party will more than likely move moderate Republicans further out of the party. I don't want to be associated with Sean Hannity and these other anti Obama/govt nuts. I just don't get how anyone thinks that a ticket that included Palin would have been better than Obama....I voted for Bush the 1st time and now I think Republicans should let Obama run the country as he sees fit....he really can't do any worse then Bush did...and I liked Bush...the right wingers are a thing of the past....Rush always says that this person or that person isn't a true conservative..conservatives can't win presidential elections

mcjk said...


I have to call BS on your comment that Obama can not do any worse than Bush did. Well he is not doing any better; he is a disaster. We are getting more of the same (endless wars) and then some (health care). It is like finishing Thanksgiving dinner and getting another helping shoved on your plate and told to eat.

Also BS on your comment that the republicans should let Obama run the country as he sees fit; well lets just make him dictator.

I am for the party of Ron Paul and Peter Schiff. People who have a clue to what is really happening to this country.

Breachway said...

And I respect your opinion...your analogy to Thanksgiving dinner is correct...the problem I see with the right side of my party is that they don't respect other peoples views...hey - I married a Red Sox much more understanding can a guy get?
As far as:
I have to call BS on your comment that Obama can not do any worse than Bush did....i hope you are right mcjk....I need to learn more about Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

Go hitch your wagons to Ron Paul and/or Peter Schiff - neither will get elected.

Bush left such a mess after eight years, that it will be lucky if ANYONE can fix it in as much time. And you want Obama to right all the wrongs in one year???

Tim White said...

Obama's single biggest problem is the economy. Yet who does he hire for his economic team? Bush's failed economic team.