Sunday, January 24, 2010

Taking a break from blogging

First off, Happy Birthday TWL! And thanks to everyone who has guest published, commented or just been lurking over the past four years.

Second, I won't be posting daily over the next two weeks. I'm starting a class on Wednesday night... thinking that I may work toward an MBA. Not sure yet. But simply need to take a break and reclaim some of my time for non-Council related stuff. It gets to feel as though it's all consuming. Over the past few years I've spent an average of two hours per day - at least six days per week - blogging. And I need to focus on some other stuff right now. So while I know many of you appreciate the blog - and a few members of Cheshire's Political Class hate the blog - I'm going to take a short hiatus. I just need to get some other stuff done.

I'll be back for the February 9 Council meeting... and also the report from the consultant fact-finder on the CPD.

Tim White

p.s. I love that Bernanke is now in the hot seat as a result of Scott Brown's election!


Anonymous said...


Though I don't always agree with your posts and opinions, I would like to say congratulations on your efforts here; your break is well-earned. Don't stay away too long.


Contoured Views said...

We all appreciate what you have done here. Reporting to us the details of what is going on in this town and allowing us all to make our own decisions. You have made some local officials mad because of your willingness to offer transparency to all of us, but you are one of the few elected officials who realize that you represent the people of this town, not your cronies.
You may not realize, or maybe you do when you look at your web details, how many people actually visit this blog to find out what is going on. I speak with many and pass along this site to anyone who has questions about our town and local government.
Enjoy your rest, but please try to post when you can, especially about town related issues. (MBA's can be overrated :-))

Anonymous said...

I have come to rely on your posts to keep up on local issues. I do not k now how you do all this. I like the national perspective and Ron Paul support documentation. If you are to cut back, maybe the remaining effort can go towards the local issues that no one else reports on. National news has multiple sources we can rely on if you do not.

Or humorously, maybe we can have a townwide fundraiser "Buy Tim White Caffiene" so you can do all of the above!!! ;-)

tim white said...

Thanks everyone.

And a special thanks to 3:16 for the caffeine fundraiser! But uhh... I already get plenty of caffeine. I don't smoke. I rarely ever drink. When I go to the casinos, I don't gamble. Caffeine is my vice of choice!

And as for:

If you are to cut back, maybe the remaining effort can go towards the local issues that no one else reports

But that's the fun stuff! And seriously... did you see the AIG / Fed / Geithner emails today? It's insane. And btw, AIG got bailed out on September 18, 2008. (really a backdoor bailout for Goldman) Then on Sept 24, 2008, Warren Buffet sunk $5 billion into Goldman?

What are the chances that Warren Buffet had knowledge of the bailout plan to ensure Lehman tanked, but Goldman got rescued with tax dollars?

This stuff gets me truly angry. I want them ALL testifying under oath to Congress or before a grand jury... Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke, Blankfein, Buffett.

The fix is in and the American Taxpayer is getting %$%#ed. People need to be held accountable!!!

tim white said...

s/h/b "but the national stuff is the fun stuff..."