Monday, January 25, 2010

The pool enclosure footprint

I know I said I was taking a break from blogging... but this seemed like it would be of interest, if true. Anyway...

There were several meetings at Town Hall tonight, including Energy and PBC.

I was at Energy, while PBC was discussing the pool enclosure.

Though I was not at the PBC meeting, someone did mention to me some of the discussion about the pool enclosure.

I was told that the footprints of the six responses were inconsistent in size. And while I wonder if that's an issue for the RFP process, it also brought to light another concern.

Apparently the two remaining enclosures do not include the picnic area. And that's where birthday parties tend to occur and visiting swim teams tend to congregate.

So do we move forward with the two current proposals? Or do we consider larger enclosures? Any chance that would increase the cost of the two buildings?

Again, I wasn't at the PBC meeting. So this was second hand. But it is the pool and Murphy's Law applies.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

It's just a little minor detail, i.e. the actual size and shape of the building. Don't worry, once the building crew shows up they can maybe have to build and re-build the new building a few times until it really fits. Kind of brings back images of the past decade or so of the existing fiasco, I mean pool.

Take the time to plan it right. Our political leaders should just shut this whole mess down if it isn't planned right prior to moving forward with any town money.

OBTW, just who really is the design authority for this project anyway and do they have insurance protecting themselves and their clients from such errors?

Anonymous said...

The size is not an issue. The PBC will ask both to redo their design based on enclosing the entire pool deck area. The Pool Subcommittee made up of three Town Council members and several interested parties were the group that wrote the RFP. The RFP did not state specifically the size of the building and input from the pool users or Town staff did not include at that time the size. I see this as a step in the design process making sure all users groups have a chance for input. As the price is not firm along with the design getting it right now is the most important step in the process.

tim white said...

3:01 that makes sense.

The RFP was intended to be very open-ended. And we're narrowing that field down before moving onto an adopted "design / build" process. So we haven't even gotten to the final design stage yet.

Anonymous said...

Tim -

I was looking to review the pool discussion from the council meeting of 1/12, but the minutes of this meeting are not available on the Town website as of this morning. Who is supposed to post these, and when should they be available?