Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trail extension in Meriden

From the MRJ editor's blog:

Meriden: the parks committee committed to the next Phase of the Linear Trail

When I drove over South Meriden Road to get to the Square, I think there's a paved trail on the opposite side of the river there. If that's the case, I imagine 2nd district Cheshire resident may use that trail more than the trail in Cheshire.

Anyone know where this Meriden's trail is located? Does Meriden have more than one?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Meriden has a trail beside the Q River along S. Meriden Rd. It begins at the red bridge that used to convey traffic over the river and follows east for about a mile terminating at their Broad Brook Res. facilties. This may be the trail they are improving. It is a very popular venue, easy to walk and scenic for every step taken.

Tim Slocum

Anonymous said...

This is part of the railroad thatsarted in Cromwell &then ran through Cheshire parallell to Creamery Road, across Route 10 by the car wash (you can see the berm to the south of the car wash and behind Meyerjack's building. It then ran left, across the reformatory, crossing JArvis Street and ultimately crossed the train track (the remnants of a bridge is still visible). This is DIFFERENT that the old Trolley Trail that ran parallell to West Main Street.