Monday, January 11, 2010

The resolution for a permanent structure for the pool

Council Chair Tim Slocum has been extremely busy recently. Here's the fruits of one of his efforts:Looks OK to me. I think March 15 is fairly aggressive, but I'm glad to see action being taken.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

A bid waiver for a multi-million dollar structure that is a want, and not a need? I hope this council is willing to accept waivers for future contracts as this will come back to haunt them.

Anonymous said...

Caught the tail end of the TC meeting tonight. Glad things are moving along with the pool.

Nice shot of Ecke texting his GF on his phone or whatever he was doing. Perhaps councilors should turn off all phones and pay attention to the meeting! You think?

Anonymous said...

Not GF; BF.