Friday, January 15, 2010

Twist on the Mass Senate seat

Until yesterday, I assumed the Massachusetts Senate seat was up for reelection in November of this year. But that's not the case. The winner of this election will be seated for three years.

I figured if Scott Brown won, he'd be toast with a normal voter turnout in ten months. But with three years, he may have enough time to win the trust and support of a majority of Massachusetts voters and win a regular election. That would be pretty amazing IMO.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

It will seem amazing for Scott Brown to be elected in 'liberal' Massachusetts. A Republican has not been elected US Senator from Mass. since Ed Brooke in the 70's.

Still, Mass. has elected all Republican governors for 20 years, except the current one. And Bill Weld (R) won 45% against John Kerry's 51% for US Senate in 1996. So Mass. may not be so "liberal" after all.

Anonymous said...

Even us Nutmeggers can help send a strong message to D.C. to stop the out of control spending and government run health care by putting the better candidate in the Senate seat in Massachusetts.

Please go to Scott's website and just hear what he's all about. You will be compelled to donate even as little as $10..every dollar is needed.